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Martin N
Looking for an English teacher or Management consultant? Preparing for a job interview? I am confident that my passion for teaching combined with consultancy experience described below will enable you to achieve better results! My name is Martin Norling. I am a CELTA teacher and Management consultant. I have more than 10 years of experience in English teaching to local and multinational companies. In 2004 I acquired Level 4 Certificate in English Language Teaching To Adults from the University of Cambridge. In 2005 I got a MA in Business Administration with minors in Psychology and Communication from the Agricultural University of Prague. In 2007 I was accredited as an Interviewer for the London Tests of English by the Pearson Language Assessments. Since 2008 I have worked as a senior consultant for an international company. I have been involved in preparing and delivering training programs in areas such as Leadership and Management Development, Strategic Alignment and Sales. I speak English, Czech and Swedish.
8 (495) 984-89-71
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